Tuna and Swordfish

Our long line wild-caught yellowfin, bluefin, bigeye and swordfish are fished in Indian and Atlantic Oceans off the South African coastline (fishing zone FAO 47), by our contracted supply vessels, for fresh exports, mainly to the USA and Japan.

Bigeye (Thunnus Obesus)

Swordfish (Xiphias Gladius)

Bluefin (Thunnus Thynnus)

Yellowfin (Thunnus Albacares)

The highest quality fish are carefully selected, quality graded and packed HGT (Headed, Gutted and Tailed) at our land-based contracted facility in Durban.

The vessels are longliners that go out to sea for 5-7 days, ensuring top quality when the product is landed. The cold chain is meticulously maintained with slurry ice onboard the vessels, ice is added at offload point and arrives at the processing facility in top condition.

Seasonal Availability

The season is all year round, with better catches in the winter months and weaker catches in the summer months.

We export only first-grade South African origin fresh Tuna and Swordfish that is catch certificate compliant and NOAA approved.

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