Loligo Reynaudi Squid

Our hand line jigger wild caught South African Squid, Loligo Reynaudi, is fished in the cold, pristine Atlantic and Indian Oceans off the South African coastline (fishing zone FAO 47), delivered by our own and independent contract supply fleet for export, mainly to Europe and the Far East.

South African Squid (Loligo Reynaudi)

Size grading
Tube length
XL 30cm+
L 25-30cm
M 18-25cm
S 15-18cm

Product is packed whole round and sea frozen on board the vessels to the highest standards guaranteeing superior class “CJ quality”, chocolate in colour, preserved shape, tender and sweet tasting.

The fleet operates from Port Elizabeth/Gqeberha and delivers the product directly to our Blue Seas packing plant and cold store, from where it is exported.

Seasonal Availability

The Squid season begins on the 23rd of November and runs to the end of March. This is followed by a 3 month mid-season break, which coincides with one of the main spawning periods of the Squid. The season resumes on 1st July and ends on the 19th of October. The end of season break between the new season also coincides with a spawning period.

The best catch period is traditionally in December and January. Therefore it is normal to make main sales programs in January.

We export only first-grade South African origin Loligo Squid that is catch certificate compliant and NRCS (SABS) and EU approved.

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