The Pacific saury, Cololabis saira locally known as pike, likes to shoal close to the surface and are caught by Taiwanese, Chinese and Korean jigger vessels in the North Pacific Ocean, from Korea and Japan eastward to the Gulf of Alaska. The effort on the pike resource is controlled by allocating quota to each vessel. These jigger vessels are dual purpose fishing vessels that target Ilex squid from February to the end of August off the Argentinean coast from where they will move to the pike fishing grounds.

Pacific Saury (Cololabis saira)

Common Pike Sizes
Per Piece
Size Average
Weight g
# 4 60-80g
# 5 60g Under

We import and store in commercial cold stores in Cape Town as well as in our own cold store in Port Elizabeth/Gqeberha from where we supply the hake long line sector as well as hand line fishing vessels targeting snoek and yellowtail.

It is packed finger laid and graded piece count per 10 kg net cartons and blast frozen at sea which contributes to ensuring that the quality is of the highest standards.

Seasonal Availability

The pike season starts in May, but only improves after August when the jigger vessels return from the Argentinian Ilex squid season and ends early in December.

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