Illex Squid

Our squid is supplied by carefully vetted partners worldwide, predominantly from Argentina. Caught by Argentinian Flag jigger vessels inside the Argentinian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The Argentinian EEZ falls within the FAO 41.

Illex Squid (Illex Argentinus)

We have access to the full range of sizes
Our clients mainly request the following

To ensure our high quality standards as well as our clients size demands are being met, we have independent inspection services in place, that check and test the squid’s compliance on discharge and are present when loading the containers. Our inspectors make sure the correct product is loaded.

The product is packed whole round and finger laid in blocks ranging from 9 to 15kg. It is then frozen at sea immediately after being caught.

The blocks are packed in strong plastic bags and or cartons in a nett or random weight format.

Characteristically the product is chocolate in colour.

The imported product is stored either at our own cold storage facility in Port Elizabeth/Gqeberha or our partners cold stores in Cape Town and Durban for delivery to all South African ports.

Seasonal Availability

The season varies from one year to another as it is based on the scientific research, that is done every year prior to the season, but usually opens in January and closes towards the end of August.

The main catch period is from February to May. In February the jigger vessels start operating as far as 52°S in line with Rio Gallegos and the Malvinas / Falkland Islands. During this period the squid is usually small, between 100 to 200gram. The jigger vessels then follow the squid North as the season progresses.

The squid grow very quickly during the season and can be 300-500gram or 500gram plus towards the latter part of the season. Illex Squid has a lifecycle of only 1 year.

Jigger vessels discharge their catch mainly in either Puerto Deseado or Mar del Plata.

Due to this product being highly seasonal it is not available year round. We usually import bulk volumes during the first half of the year and then hold it in our cold store in Port Elizabeth/Gqeberha in order to supply our customers until the next season starts.

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