Our hand line wild caught Mackerel, Scomber Japonicus, is fished in the cold, pristine Indian Ocean off the South African coastline (fishing zone FAO 47), by our own and independent contract supply fleet, for export, mainly to the high seas long line fleet as bait.

Mackerel (Scomber Japonicus)

Product is packed and frozen whole round at our land-based processing facility in Port Elizabeth/Gqeberha. It is top quality, finger laid and graded piece count per 10 kg net carton.

The vessels are line fish class vessels, all under 10m in length and go out for nightly trips, ensuring top quality when the product is landed in the morning. The cold chain is meticulously maintained with slurry ice onboard the vessels, ice is added at offload point and arrives at the processing facility in top condition.


Fish count per 10kg nett:

Seasonal Availability

The season for Mackerel is all year round, better catches are in the summer months and weaker catches in the winter months.

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